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Fixing Your Neck Pain

Researchers reporting in the British Medical Journal compared the cost-effectiveness of treatment of neck pain by chiropractic care, traditional physical therapy, and medical care for 183 people.  The results of the study were that the folks treated with chiropractic got better faster and at a lower cost than more traditional treatments!

You owe it to yourself to try the treatment that has been shown to be more effective.  Click here to make an appointment right now for your free chiropractic examination.  If you're not yet convinced that chiropractic is the way to go, you can read more below about its remarkable success in alleviating neck pain.  

Diagnosing and Treating Neck Pain:

Neck Pain: Minor Incidents to Serious Accidents and Spinal Conditions
Chiropractic Scope of Practice in Treating Neck Injuries
Neck Manipulation: Safety, Contraindications, and Risks of Cervical Spine Manipulation
Neck Manipulation: Incidence of Vertebral Artery Dissection (VAD)
How Chiropractors Diagnose Neck Pain: Patient History
Chiropractic Examination of the Cervical Spine
Spinal Palpation of the Neck

Patient Case Studies:

Management of Neck Pain
Patient Case Study: Cervical Postural and Repetitive Strain
Management of Postural Cervical Strain
Patient Case Study: Traumatic Injury to the Cervical Spine
Management of Traumatic Cervical Injuries
Patient Case Study: Bulging, "Slipped", Herniated and Ruptured Discs
Management of Bulging, "Slipped", Herniated and Ruptured Discs
Patient Case Study: Neck Pain Associated with Aging and Osteoarthritis
Management of Cervical Strain Associated with Aging and Osteoarthritis
Chiropractic and Neck Pain: Conclusion


   JA February 5, 2005

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